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Where did February Go?

Posted on | February 24, 2010 | 1 Comment

It’s almost the end of February, 2010.  The last 8+ weeks have been a blur of activity, but some cool things have happened:

1.  H&A has welcomed a new client every week so far in 2010 on average, with another handful pulling a few final details together before pulling the trigger to start their new companies. Almost all of these new clients are start-up businesses with some incredibly creative plans.  Some are existing businesses that are launching new products and services and need our help structuring joint ventures or helping with intellectual property strategies.  We LOVE working with these kinds of folks and they fit right in with our existing base of creative business clients. On that front, our existing clients haven’t stopped their creative output – while we love new clients, it’s just as fun to see the growth and success of the people we’ve helped before.

2.  I get to say “we” now because now I have an Associate Attorney on staff again.  I had a part-time associate back in 2007, but I honestly didn’t have the consistent flow of work needed to support the position back then, so I took a couple years to figure some things out (including the flat fee model introduced last May – more on that in a minute).  I’m happy to announce that Christina Robertson has joined me as a full-time Associate Attorney as of a couple weeks ago.  Christina graduated with a J.D. from The University of Denver College of Law and will complete her M.B.A. this semester – with an emphasis on entrepreneurism.  Obviously, she’s a perfect fit for H&A and is already helping me catch up on work.  I REALLY needed the help and she’s stepped into the role quickly.  Welcome Christina!

3. I’ve officially started The Creative Business Lawyer Program with my good friend Alexis Martin Neely. This program is helping other lawyers who focus on the needs of small business people change their perspectives and business model to better serve their clients, themselves, their families, and their communities. One of the key elements of being a CBL member is learning how to implement the monthly, flat-fee client relationships that have literally changed my since last May.  I’ve basically eliminated hourly billing (which NOBODY likes). If you want to learn more about this program (I have over 30 clients on the flat fee model now), go over to and let us know you’re interested.  If you are an entrepreneur, we’ll send you a list of our attorney members and you can find one that fits your needs.  If you’re a lawyer who wants to make some SERIOUS improvements in your life, then let us know you’re interested and we’ll get you signed up for our next open membership enrollment call on March 18th.

4.  We’re finally settling into the new office space in the Fort Collins Museum of Contemprary Art.  This building is a historic landmark. It was built in 1912 as the Post Office for Fort Collins.  Wonderful vibes.  My assistant, Nora, just told me she has ideas for opening her own business now that she’s been exposed to so much entrepreneurial and creative spirit coming from our clients and our new location. Good things are happening.

5.  Speaking events.  I have a bunch of speaking events starting to book including Ignite Fort Collins on March 4th, a lunch lecture on Trademark on March 11th, and a couple fun presentations at The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Meeting and The American Bar Association Annual Meeting – both in August.  I’ll post details on those soon.

I’ll try to do better about blogging, but it might take a little while.  I have several major writing projects that need my attention, but more on those as they get closer to completion.

Tobin (my 6-yr-old daughter) just woke up and is asking for breakfast.  Gotta go.


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  1. Monica Coleman
    February 24th, 2010 @ 5:35 pm

    I cannot thank you enough for your free ebook , No Lame Name. I used it and have launched my new coaching business I like the idea of flat fees. I used a friend for my LLC set up and got a whopping big bill at the end. Sounds like a great model and I may be in need of some trademark work. I will get in touch with you when I am there. I may choose to do the work myself, but hopefully I’ll need to hire someone because I’ll be too busy doing what I do best…coaching!

    GREAT to hear from you and just know that I have given your name and website to EVERYONE of my coaching colleagues so they can take advantage of No Lame Name.

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