The Business of Creativity

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no amateur

Just to prove I’m no amateur, check out the photo of 5 kids under 6 eating a candle-lit dinner. Yes, they’re eating. Yes, I cooked the food (I’m king of the crock-pot). Yes, I’d had all of them (3 mine, 2 not mine) for 5 hours or so by that point. Yes, by myself. (Well, […]

our new house in the mountains

Moving the residence up here: (Click on the first picture below for a larger view. The house is in the upper right.) (from the bottom of the lane looking up) (Midway down the lane looking back to the “main” road) I KNEW there was a reason I drove a pickup! 🙂

days of snow and quiet

on these days, it’s nice to remember that Power Manifests in Silence.

the business of creativity

I’ve had several conversations with friends and clients over the last few days specifically addressing how to frame the discussion of law, business/art, creativity and spirit in some understandable form. The phrase that keeps coming up and helping people understand what this is about seems to be “The Business of Creativity” where the law element […]

Back on Track

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the intersection of law, business, creativity, and spirituality. I’ve been listening to some recordings of Joseph Campbell and reading his work, along with a lot of other great thinkers. Here’s what I’ve come up with: Law enables Business Business is the vehicle for our Creativity Creativity fuels the […]

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