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Posted on | December 17, 2007 | No Comments

Just to prove I’m no amateur, check out the photo of 5 kids under 6 eating a candle-lit dinner. Yes, they’re eating. Yes, I cooked the food (I’m king of the crock-pot). Yes, I’d had all of them (3 mine, 2 not mine) for 5 hours or so by that point. Yes, by myself. (Well, Rune, our oldest, had spent a couple hours of that time at kindergarten.)

kids dinner

Granted, it didn’t last long before the entropy set in and Merrick made his escape.

Granted, the 2 4-year-olds play well together.

Granted, the 2 2-year-olds play well together (unless sharing is required…).

Granted, there was an hour at the play-center at the mall.

Granted, one of the moms was due back within an hour of this photo.

Granted, a double-scotch on the rocks was in my future – but not until after all three of mine were tucked safely in bed for the night.

KUDOS to all the full-time moms out there – especially the single ones doing this 24/7! You all deserve a day off. We love you. And, even when we don’t say it, we truly appreciate all you do. I love the kids. I had a great time with them for the afternoon, but starting companies and negotiating contracts is WAY easier than negotiating toy sharing between 2-year-olds (although those “grown-up” tasks can, unfortunately, sometimes have a lot in common with the kids…).


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