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NCBR ARTICLE Anatomy of a tech-transfer startup By Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. July 4, 2008 — You can’t live and work in a college town without hearing the term “tech transfer” quite a bit. Yes, we understand it has something to do with making money from the technology that comes out of the labs of […]

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What it’s all about folks… This is what it’s all about – lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, desingers, writers, plumbers, parents, kids… LEADERS Compassionate Leaders…

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How many people do you know that are not having any fun in their jobs? How many people have no passion in their life? How many people do you know who are chronically depressed, passing their days in a state of quiet desperation? We all know people who are affluent, but not happy. Racing around […]

CSU Pre-Law Club Talk

I’ll be giving a talk Tuesday, November 11 at 7:00pm (short notice – I’m sorry) to the CSU Pre-Law Club.  It’s on campus at Colorado State University. Building Clark C, Room 337

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