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The Foolproof 5

A Foolproof 5-Step System to Attract Perfect Clients “It’s Foolproof!” “I think you’re nuts.” –       Finding Nemo Are you attracting the type of clients you want? I’m surprised at how many lawyers and non-lawyers answer “no” because it’s really not that hard to do. It seems that not a week goes by when I’m not […]

Video from Yesterday’s Tweetathon2009 with Joel Comm

There were some technical challenges during my interview with Joel Comm during yesterday’s tweetathon2009 event. In the first video I’m talking about the Fuel The Spark book and in the second we discuss some of the legal issues to keep in mind while using (follow me @kevinhouchin) that are included in the chapter I […]

Join us for this ground-breaking online event. I contributed a chapter on the legal issues of for Joel Comm’s new book. Of course, in true Joel-like fashion, he’s going to do something the internet hasn’t seen before… More info:

Play Nice: Legal Issues & Social Media

You already know, or are learning, that social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are wonderful ways to keep in touch with your friends and business associates. However, unthinking posts in such forums could land you on the wrong side of a lawsuit. My goal here is plant a few seeds in the back […]

Troubling Tweets

I just got another call about a potentially “troubling tweet.”  A Troubling Tweet is a potentially damaging post using Twitter ( that could get the person posting the “Tweet” in legal trouble. Most of the time, these things happen relative to damaging personal or business reputation, trademark issues, contract issues, and some other causes of […]

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