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Space Between Center: Authentic Expert Program

Authentic Expert Program More than ever, today’s business and entrepreneurial leaders must bring everything they are and nothing they are not to their businesses. By aligning who they are as a person with what they do for a living, leaders create deeply-rooted value and success. Seeing business development and personal development as inextricably linked, leaders […]

Lawyers & Hypnotists…

Last year I was invited to give a couple of presentations at The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Conference.  You might wonder why an attorney would be presenting to hypnotists, but it’s really very simple—hypnotists are one more service profession trying to escape the bondage of the billable hour. Like almost everyone who is tired […]

She was trapped.

Do you enjoy your work as a lawyer? Do you have the balanced life you were hoping for? Do you get to spend enough time with your family or doing the things that feed your spirit? Do you know that you can pay your bills next month?  How about next year? Have you always wished […]

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