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Inspiration v. Copying

My friend Alyson Stanfield (the best business coach for artists), is having a great discussion on her blog about using other people’s photos as inspiration/reference for their artwork. If you’re an artist, you should definitely know about Alyson and buy her book.

Maureen K. McCarthy on Fuel the Spark

Hi Kevin ~ I finished reading your book last night and I’m so glad you’ve written it! It’s a much needed look at a more holistic picture of law school and what draws people to the law and what can potentially feed or drain them. You’re absolutely right that people are often drawn to law […]

Lawyers & Not Lawyers in Political Campaigns

  My friend Don back in Iowa sent me these images from an email that’s going around. Of course he knows I’m a lawyer, and he also knows I’m a former Republican (now registered “unaffiliated”), and he was trying to pull my chain.  I guess this post is proof he succeeded.       Granted, […]

Publishing Contract!

I just signed the publishing contract for Fuel The Spark: 5 Guiding Values of Success in Law School and Beyond. It will be published on Joel Comm’s Made Easy Publishing imprint of Morgan James Publishing. I’ll have a release date soon.

Fuel the Spark: 5 Guiding Values for Success in Law School and Beyond

I’m getting ready to publish the first book in my 5 Guiding Values for Success series. The first is for law students (I know a little about what they’re going through). I just put up the new site for my books and speaking projects:  The site is still under construction, and will be constantly, […]

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