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Dan Brown is getting sued for allegedly plagiarizing the book The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail in the content of The DaVinci Code. I’ve read both. The plaintiffs don’t have a very strong case – ideas are not copyrightable, and that’s about the only thing that is similar. This strikes of lesser-selling authors with […]

Trademark and Domain Names:

To dispute a domain name, one must file a complaint in hard copy, and electronically with a dispute resolution service provider approved by ICANN and the person filing the claim must prove three things:

Domain Name TM Issues

Mind Map (PDF) of Domain Name Trademark Issues

short hair

I got tired of scheduling and paying for hair cuts, so this weekend I had my wife trim my hair to an even 1/4 inch all around. Out of habit I picked up my comb after getting out of the shower – no need for that. Now I don’t get wacky hair after wearing a […]


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