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Houchin Consulting PLLC – FTC Article

I was quoted in a recent article on Money.CNN.Com about the FTC Guidelines for Testimonials and Endorsements. If you’re visiting this site because of that article, you’re probably looking for the compliance tool mentioned next to my name.  You can find that tool, The FTC Toolkit, HERE. Here’s the article on Money.CNN.Com. —

FTC, GEP, & Market Research

What’s that title all about anyway!? If you’ve been paying attention, you know that as of December 1st, 2009 you can’t use your wonderfully true, but not typical (what I call “aspirational”) client testimonials in your marketing and advertising unless you clearly and conspicuously disclose “Generally Expected Performance Results.” So, what’s the problem? The problem […]

Major Announcement! New FTC Toolkit and Site Compliant program – Webinar

As many of you know, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new rules relative to endorsements and testimonials.  Now, if you use endorsements and testimonials in your marketing (and every marketer worth their salt does) you could be fined thousands of dollars for “deceptive” advertising EVEN IF ALL YOUR TESTIMONIALS ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE! I’ll be […]

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