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WordPress Class Schedule Page

I just posted a page with my WordPress Class schedule at The Executive Center in January and February.  Just call me at 970-493-1070 to reserve your seat via MasterCard or Visa.

reform now!

If there was ever any question that we need reform in the legal industry and within the legal education industry – this is it: A law school professor is suing saying that student notes violate his copyright. Maybe he need to talk to one of the copyright professors about the fair use statute… There’s […]

TM Tips

Welcome new members – here’s another key date to look up or think about. Trademark rights vest when you use the mark in commerce. So, when was the first date you used your brand? Look up the month and date. If you’re getting ready to launch a new brand, you have the option of filing […]

Copyright for Authors and Speakers

Most of you know that your work is covered under the US Federal Copyright laws the instant your ideas become tangible. That’s wonderful news, but it sometimes leads to a false sense of security for creative people. The problem is that if someone uses your material without permission, you might have a righteous beef legally, […]

TM for Authors and Speakers

You may know that you cannot trademark the title of a single book or speech. So, how do you protect your brand? Simple: you use the title of your book and speech as the brand for an entire service package. Then, instead of trying to register your trademark in the books (printed materials) classification, you […]

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