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Can’t make this stuff up…

I just got off the phone with a new client who is setting up a company and Web site in the scrapbooking niche. I asked if the .com name she has in mind is available. She said it was taken. I asked who had it. She hadn’t checked. So, we both looked. Male Homosexual Porn! […]

Something New Every Day…

Yesterday I posted the quote from Lance Secretan’s book Inspire! This morning I received a thank you note from him for placing the quote. I was amazed both by his willingness to spend a couple moments to send the thank you (he must get quoted quite a bit, so sending the email shows some true […]

Pricing Model(s)

As you know, I’m building Houchin & Associates around an integrated set of legal and marketing services. I believe it’s a unique model, which has benefits and challenges. Many of my clients are telling me they love the fact that I can (and will) give advise on both legal and marketing issues. I want to […]

May Scene Magazine Article based on Kissing Toads Ebook

Kissing Toads © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. It happened to me again the other day. I was at a presentation and this wonderful little start-up company was a featured presenter. They had cool technology and a great business plan. The team is obviously a brilliant group of engineers. They have sound financial advisors. They […]

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