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Intersections: Organizational Culture, Business Goodwill, Branding, & The Law

What’s your company really worth? Sure, there is some book value there, but for most of us, a lot of the value of a company is in what we lawyers call “goodwill.” Simply stated, goodwill is the value of your brand. To maximize the value of your brand, you need to: 1. Understand your current […]

Fort Collins is #1

Money Magazine just ranked Fort Collins as the #1 “Best Place to Live” – they were right.

Branding Malpractice.

I read in last week’s Northern Colorado Business Report about an attorney working in Northern Colorado who uses those little magnetic refrigerator magnet words to “help her clients pick trademarks for their businesses and products.” My head almost exploded. If there were such a thing (there isn’t) as “branding malpractice” this should qualify. You should […]

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