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Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law is really a combination of contract, copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, and other legal issues. I discuss most of those topics on other pages of the site, but I did want to have a category for Entertainment Law, because I’ve been getting a lot of new clients in the area including:

1.    TV Producers
2.    Music Labels
3.    Musicians
4.    Fine Artists
5.    Radio Producers
6.    Arts-related non-profit organizations
7.    Fashion Models
8.    TV Personalities
9.    Talent Agents
10.    Entertainment Venues

It’s very interesting work.  Most of the time, the work takes the form of negotiating contracts that include detailed drafting of payment terms and especially the ownership and use (licensing) of intellectual property in the form of copyright, trademark, and personal services or images.

If you’re in the entertainment industry, or looking to start working in the industry, then give me a call.  I’m happy to help.  970-214-6808

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