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Northern Colorado Business Report – Column 1

I’ve been asked to write quarterly columns in the Northern Colorado Business Report.  Here’s a link to the first.   Anatomy of a Tech Transfer Start-Up.


I love it when other people have stated purposes that resonate with mine (See above – about fueling the spark…).  Especially when they are other lawyers.   Check this out from  The Soulshaping Humanifesto At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that every individual came into this life with a divine mission. That mission […]

Speaking Testimonial – Creative Business Expo – Denver

— From: Brand, Kathleen W. – Department of Law Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 10:02 AM To: White, Ginger – DOCA Subject: Expo feedback Hi, Ginger, This is the first year I attended the expo.  I think the idea is wonderful.  I hope it is a yearly event. I was present for 3 workshops, 2 […]

Speaking Testimonial

“Kevin Houchin is the real deal.  Kevin’s stories are entertaining offering a message of hope and inspiration for lawyers and the legal profession.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to any organization considering hiring a speaker.” Tim Batdorf, Past President, IAHL

Client Testimonial.

Having Kevin’s counsel is having strong support. He’s concerned, careful and kind. He helped me see my way clear in a dilemma, discussing the options, the net benefits from each, and helped me make an calm decision on how to move forward. There was no pressure – just a feeling of peace. He even ghost-wrote […]

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