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Creativity—You’re Full of It!

The American Bar Association asked me to write the introductory article for the November Issue of The Young Lawyer (one of their many magazines for attorneys). The issue is dedicated to the theme of Creativity.  It’s on the streets now, so I can finally share the essay.  Enjoy. — Creativity—You’re Full of It! By Kevin […]

Today’s snow – SO FAR

The kind of notes that make one’s day…

I received this note as feedback from the article I wrote to introduce the November issue of the ABA Young Lawyer Magazine which is dedicated to Creativity.  The article is titled “You’re Full of It!”  As soon as the ABA puts the issue online, I’ll post the article. Until then, they have exclusive first publication […]

An Idea Worth Sharing

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of TED talks.  I’m also a big fan of Dan Pink’s Book A Whole New Mind. For those of you who don’t like to read much… (well, first, start reading more), but in the mean time.  Watch this:

The Tao of Advice

This article was originally published in Alexis Martin Neely’s Law Business Revolution Dispatch – Volume 1 – Issue 8.  The other articles are great! If you’re a lawyer who wants to make a difference, you should subscribe.  There are great marketing articles in here for non-lawyers too… The Tao of Advice © 2009 Kevin E. […]

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