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Ignite Fort Collins – NEXT WEEK

Next week I’ll be one of the many speakers at Ignite Fort Collins.  There are still some free tickets available.  Click here to reserve your seat: If you’re not familiar with the Ignite format, each speaker has only 5 minutes and 20 slides (each on 15 second auto-timers) to Ignite the audience with whatever […]

On Recognizing Your Life’s Purpose.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. This is the beginning of the season where we of the Western tradition begin to reflect and celebrate the light (wisdom, power, spirit) of the divine being manifested in humans. A few years ago I felt inspired to write an essay on the topic of Advent and Christmas, […]

The Tao of Advice

This article was originally published in Alexis Martin Neely’s Law Business Revolution Dispatch – Volume 1 – Issue 8.  The other articles are great! If you’re a lawyer who wants to make a difference, you should subscribe.  There are great marketing articles in here for non-lawyers too… The Tao of Advice © 2009 Kevin E. […]

2 of My Favorite Quotes

I’m doing some work on my next book and I keep coming back to a few of my favorite quotes. Here are a couple from the archives. From “Inspire! What Great Leaders Do” by Lance Secretan: We overuse the word “driven.” We want to be values-driven, customer-driven, mission-driven, market-driven, technology0driven, solutions-0driven, and self-driven. Perhaps this is why […]

Video from Yesterday’s Tweetathon2009 with Joel Comm

There were some technical challenges during my interview with Joel Comm during yesterday’s tweetathon2009 event. In the first video I’m talking about the Fuel The Spark book and in the second we discuss some of the legal issues to keep in mind while using (follow me @kevinhouchin) that are included in the chapter I […]

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