The Business of Creativity

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Here’s the video from my Ignite Fort Collins #7 talk. It comes down to this: Wisdom is only found when we share a combined experience with a mutually understood language. Those languages can be in any form, written, spoken, symbolic, etc. Engage the experience. Learn the language. Share the Wisdom. Take a look a the […]

She was trapped.

Do you enjoy your work as a lawyer? Do you have the balanced life you were hoping for? Do you get to spend enough time with your family or doing the things that feed your spirit? Do you know that you can pay your bills next month?  How about next year? Have you always wished […]

On Recognizing Your Life’s Purpose.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. This is the beginning of the season where we of the Western tradition begin to reflect and celebrate the light (wisdom, power, spirit) of the divine being manifested in humans. A few years ago I felt inspired to write an essay on the topic of Advent and Christmas, […]

Creativity—You’re Full of It!

The American Bar Association asked me to write the introductory article for the November Issue of The Young Lawyer (one of their many magazines for attorneys). The issue is dedicated to the theme of Creativity.  It’s on the streets now, so I can finally share the essay.  Enjoy. — Creativity—You’re Full of It! By Kevin […]

This made my day.

Every once in a while you have a quick email conversation with someone that pays dividends in a currency far more valuable than money. This is one of those situations. This essay is something for everyone to think about. It’s about being everything you are – all at once. Thank you Loi-Natalie.  🙂

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