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A Whole New Mind

Everyone should read this book.  It should be required reading in high schools, then again in undergraduate program, another time in graduate schools, and once a year for all parents and teachers. I lifted this from the site link above: “Lawyers. Accountants. Radiologists. Software engineers. That’s what our parents encouraged us to become when […]

Roctober TM

Colorado Rockies try to register the trademark for “Rocktober” I’m not a big baseball fan. I like GOING to games, having a beer, eating sunflower seeds, smoking a cigar if it won’t get me kicked out. But watching a game on TV isn’t my normal way to spend time – until there’s something actually […]

Full Text of Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values

I decided to just post the full text here too.  🙂  This is my newest E-book. For a printer-friendly PDF of this content, visit Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values Introduction Spirituality, business, and life in general should be happy and relatively easy–with challenges coming to add growth and interest to life rather than anxiety, […]

Vote For My Manifesto Proposal at

Vote for my “No Lame Names” Manifesto proposal on! Here’s the text of the proposal: As a designer, the biggest branding hurdle I faced was the “lame name.” As a trademark lawyer, the hurdle has just gotten taller. This manifesto focuses on the overlap between creativity and trademark law in the branding process. […]

Event Schedule

I just posted a whole bunch of new workshops and seminars that I’ll be presenting for the Fort Collins/Larimer Small Business Development Center in 2008.  Of course the dates and times may change a little, but it’s a pretty full schedule of topics from business formation, to copyright and trademark, to effective contracting. You can […]

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