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Lame Names and Kissing Toads Workshops

We just announced a whole set of workshops around the region – from Cheyenne, WY down to Colorado Springs.  We’re working on dates and locations for Denver, Grand Junction, and somewhere along the “Ski Corridor.” Check out the list and register online at by CLICKING HERE.

A price reduction from the Government!

I downloaded the forms to register the copyrights for my ebooks No Lame Names and Kissing Toads the other day (yes, I practice what I preach), and saw – maybe even rejoiced – at this notification: Important Notice: Use this form by June 30, 2007, as it will be replaced by a new form on […]

ebooks available

The No Lame Names! and Kissing Toads ebooks are now available for sale and download at

April Scene Magazine Article

Burning Desire © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you were willing to do whatever it took to get it? Have you ever known, worked with, or worked for someone “on a mission?” These people can be intimidating, but usually, they’re simply inspiring. They are filled with fire. […]

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