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Teaming up with Alyson B. Stanfield –

I’ll be teaming up with Alyson B. Stanfield, the leading business coach for fine artists, to offer a series of teleconferences dealing with copyright (November 1st & 8th) and a business formation session tentatively scheduled for December 6th. To learn more about the copyright session(s) visit: If you know you’re ready to sign up, […]

Orphan Works Discussion Challenge

I’ve been researching the topic of the proposed change to the copyright law regarding orphan works. I’ve been debating the issue via email with a few artists and I’ve boiled my thoughts down to the following 3 points. Relative to truly orphaned works, the law makes things better. Relative to works that get mistakenly classified […]

Orphan Works

I started writing a post about the new copyright legislation on orphan works, but it ballooned up to about 3,500 words, much to long for a blog post.  Probably too long for most magazines to publish.  Anyway, I’m going to submit it for publication to a magazine or two.  If you want to see a […]

Artistic Debt

“… The history of art, literature and music suggests that creativity is an enigmatic process, not easily pigeonholed, and nay attempt to define it as simply a species of collage is counter-intuitive to everything that artists, psychologists, and kindergarten teachers know about the creative process. To make the remixing of others’ work the legal premise […]

Scene Magazine – September 2006

I’ll be writing a monthly column on legal issues in Scene Magazine.  Here’s the first installment… You’ve been writing some songs. You and a few friends can play. You get a gig. It’s going to pay a few hundred bucks and maybe some beers. Hey, you’re getting paid to play and party. What could go […]

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