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A Laugh is Worth a Buck.

As most of you know, my client InfoMedia created the most talked-about iPhone App ever – iFart. Earlier this year my client received a letter demanding $50,000 or they would sue InfoMedia over InfoMedia using the common phrase “Pull My Finger” in some of the marketing and public relations materials InfoMedia used to promote iFart. […]

Break from the Mold

Article after article, survey after survey, we keep reading about how most lawyers are stressed, overworked, and dissatisfied with their careers.  Yet, in law school especially, we continue to receive the same career advice—join a law firm, follow ranks, work long hours, subscribe to the traditional way of doing things, and so on.  Fuel the […]

Flat Fee Membership Client Testimonial

… I also want to thank you for your time this week.  It was a huge relief that we are on the monthly payment plan.  We did not need to worry about the amount we would need to pay for our meeting and we were able to get great advice and keep our business on […]


I’m out of the office on Friday July 3rd spending some time with the family and some good friends. I’ll be back Monday.

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