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My Flat-Fee Model Gets the Attention of the American Bar Association

The clients of Houchin & Associates have been enjoying a novel (and very win-win) approach to working with a lawyer for almost a year now. The model is basically that clients sign on to a one-year agreement to work with the firm at a flat monthly fee which includes a list of the projects they […]

What’s the dif?

I wasn’t planning to share this information until the informational call tomorrow officially launching The Space Between Center for Creative Spirit in Business, but my article @ and the recent Creative Business Lawyer call have resulted in a stack of emails asking me to share a bit more about how The Space Between Center’s […]

Where I’ve been…

I haven’t taken the time to do a blog post in over a month. That’s not my normal MO, so I think I need to share what’s been keeping me from the regular posting. 1. Client Work: My monthly flat fee client program has generated a lot of new clients, who all have a bunch […]

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