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Where I’ve been…

Posted on | January 25, 2010 | 1 Comment

I haven’t taken the time to do a blog post in over a month. That’s not my normal MO, so I think I need to share what’s been keeping me from the regular posting.

1. Client Work: My monthly flat fee client program has generated a lot of new clients, who all have a bunch of work. The flat fee programs look like this: $250-$3000/month for a 1-year relationship, auto-billing to credit card, excludes out-of-pocket fees & litigation. Obviously, the pricing/month depends on the anticipated work. All include “as needed” advice. Clients are loving this program and so am I because it places the value in the right place and doesn’t include hourly billing.

2. Creative Business Lawyer Program: I’ve teamed up with Alexis Martin Neely’s Family Wealth Planning Institute to bring this flat fee model to other law firms (and their clients) around the country. We’re basically trying to do for business attorneys what she already did for estate planning attorneys through her Personal Family Lawyer program. This program launched earlier this month. If you’re interested in learning more, visit

3. Moving Office Suites: I need room to expand, and my office lease is up this week. So, I’m moving into a larger suite in a cool space. I’ll be in the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art building. This is a historic building in the heart of Fort Collins. It was built in 1912 as the post office. I’m on the Board of the Museum, so this is a nice fit. And, I love the creative energy of being in surrounded by all that great art.

4. Hiring Help: I’ve hired an attorney to join my firm to help actually do the work. 🙂 Her name is Christina Robertson. Christina received her JD from The University of Denver College of Law in 2006, and will complete her MBA from The Univ. of Colorado @ Denver this year. Like me, Christina is incredibly entrepreneurial and loves working with small, creative businesses. I’m very excited about Christina joining my firm.

Hopefully I’ll be back to a regular blogging routine after we get settled into a new routine.


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  1. debbie roush
    January 25th, 2010 @ 12:27 pm

    this is my first time at a blg so wasnt sure what to expect, but i found this very informative and i hope you good success. should i need your help or know of anyone else that does i will direct them to you.

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