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Shift Happens

Yes, I’m late to this little viral gem of the internet, but that won’t stop me from sharing.  It goes very nicely with the WHOLE NEW MIND book by Dan Pink. Shift Happens VIDEO

Comments coming back

YEA! My web hosting service installed some software that protects my site from spam blog comments.  So, I’ll start allowing comments on my posts again.  I was receiving over 200 bogus spam comment posts each day, which was why I had to stop allowing comments in the first place… Now I just have to post […]

Rune’s Journal

My son Rune will turn 6 in January.  Earlier this year he took an interest in the journals that Abra and I normally keep. He kept wanting to write in mine, which is OK every once in a while, but it seemed the right time to get him his own “special book.”  He’s really taken […]

Magic Marketing Formula

At about 3:00am this morning, after the 2-year-old had climbed in bed and started staking his claim to “his” space by kicking me, my brain turned on. Most of the time, I hate it when this happens because I can’t get back to sleep. This morning I came up with something useful. For a long […]

If You Insist

If You Insist © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin In the past month I’ve had several people in the office with messed-up corporate situations. I’m not going to preach (much) about how it costs way more to get out of trouble than to have avoided it in the first place, but just know that the legal […]

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