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If You Insist

If You Insist © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin In the past month I’ve had several people in the office with messed-up corporate situations. I’m not going to preach (much) about how it costs way more to get out of trouble than to have avoided it in the first place, but just know that the legal […]

October Scene Magazine Article

Contract Top 10 © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin Contracts. Boring and complicated right? Many times yes. But, if you look at a contract as simply a document stating the solution to a mutual problem, like “I have a house that I need to rent or I lose money, and you need a place to live…” […]

September 2007 Scene Magazine Article: TM Myths

OOPS!  I forgot to post this earlier this month… Trademark Myths © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin There’s a lot of misinformation floating around the business world about trademarks. Smart business people are waking up to the fact that this area of LAW is critical to successful BRANDING, which as we all know is the foundation […]

August 2007 Scene Magazine Article

Thank you. Thank you very mush… © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin With our local film festival, the TriMedia Film Fest ( coming up September 7-9, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the legal issues that go into making a film, believe me, there are plenty, but the ones […]

Creative Power – Scene Magazine Column – July 07

Creative POWER © 2007 Kevin E. Houchin As an intellectual property and business development attorney, creative people surround me. I want it that way. I love it that way. I’ve been surrounded by creative people all my life, from the farm I was raised on (it takes creativity to get a few tons of tractor […]

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