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Magic Marketing Formula

Posted on | November 6, 2007 | No Comments

At about 3:00am this morning, after the 2-year-old had climbed in bed and started staking his claim to “his” space by kicking me, my brain turned on. Most of the time, I hate it when this happens because I can’t get back to sleep. This morning I came up with something useful.

For a long time I’ve told marketing clients, especially in admissions marketing/higher education, that the goal was simple. We simply show the prospect other people who were happy with their decision to attend the institution in question. Specifically: “That person reminds me of me and they are obviously happy with their decision, so I think I’ll make the same decision and attend that school.”

What I realized this morning is that I’d hit on a simple formula for almost every marketing problem. It’s a syllogysm.

[Variable A: person, business type, situation, goal, etc.] is like me.

[Variable A] is [Variable B: happy, smart, sexy, rich, efficient, etc.] for having decided to [Variable C: buy the product, attend the school, invest in the company, hire the consultant, etc.].

Therefore, I should [Variable C], because then I will be/feel [Variable B].

The only hard part about this formula is filling in the three variables:

A: What NICHE are you targeting?

B: What EMOTION are you trying to connect with your product/service?

C: What RESULT are you promising?

Those three decisions are the most important decisions you’ll make in your marketing adventure.


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