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Yes, I’m Still Helping Creative Business Clients

It’s been a busy couple of years.  I’m still working with ACT, Inc. (You probably know ACT as the college testing company). I’m in the National Programs group and help create and manage large-scale collaborations.  Every week I am asked if I’m still taking on legal work. Most of the time, I have to say […]

I love creative clients.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing for other blogs lately, so my posting here has dropped off a bunch, and I want to do something to change that. What is that something? Get up early and write more. I had a meeting with a new client yesterday. This man retired after 20 years in […]

Sounds good, but does it WORK?

With all you have going on, why add more to your plate? Because adding the right thing at the right time can actually make your life less complex. I know it’s a paradox, but it’s true. The challenge is knowing when and what to change.

Hopefully, I can help. I’d like to make at least a part of your life easier.

10 Basics of Services Marketing

I just met with a smart young attorney who is fresh out of law school and hanging his shingle. Like any service-based business, he was very concerned about how he’s going to attract the clients with whom he would love to work. Like I said, he’s smart. Attracting clients is not just an issue for […]

Where did February Go?

It’s almost the end of February, 2010.  The last 8+ weeks have been a blur of activity, but some cool things have happened: 1.  H&A has welcomed a new client every week so far in 2010 on average, with another handful pulling a few final details together before pulling the trigger to start their new […]

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