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Maureen K. McCarthy on Fuel the Spark

Posted on | October 21, 2008 | No Comments

Maureen K. McCarthy

Maureen K. McCarthy

Hi Kevin ~

I finished reading your book last night and I’m so glad you’ve written it! It’s a much needed look at a more holistic picture of law school and what draws people to the law and what can potentially feed or drain them.

You’re absolutely right that people are often drawn to law school because they want to change or fix something in the world. It’s the call to action. Oftentimes that “change” thinking can take us out of being in the moment, because we are working toward what we believe will be a better future. It can stop us from seeing the perfection of now. Your book offers a path to balance future desires with the awareness of the present moment. This is crucial to practicing wholistic law and to living a more integrated life overall.

Your book emphasizes the organic or functional relation between the parts and the whole, instead of the tunnel vision that many people experience in law or medicine. I applaud your passion for getting these concepts out to this population at an early stage in their relationship with the law. Your perspective is essential to shifting the day-to-day experience that we have with the law, in order to create a world that works for all.

Thanks so much, Kevin, for sharing it with me.

With grace and love,

Maureen K. McCarthy
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