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Lawyers & Not Lawyers in Political Campaigns

Posted on | October 21, 2008 | No Comments


My friend Don back in Iowa sent me these images from an email that’s going around. Of course he knows I’m a lawyer, and he also knows I’m a former Republican (now registered “unaffiliated”), and he was trying to pull my chain.  I guess this post is proof he succeeded.


Lawyers & Not Lawyers 1

Lawyers & Not Lawyers 1

Lawyers & Not Lawyers 2

Lawyers & Not Lawyers 2



Granted, this can be interpreted either way – as a supporting vote for either Obama or McCain.  However, the email itself was definitely meant to communicate that McCain/Palin is a better choice because they are NOT Lawyers.


Of course I’m biased by being a lawyer myself. You can’t get through law school without having a pretty thick skin relative to lawyer jokes, but this one is more important. I wouldn’t hire a doctor that had not been to medical school. It seems only logical that qualifications for being “hired” to support and maintain the Constitution and the other laws that are the foundation of our society MIGHT include some actual education relative to the subject… law school comes to mind.


The problem evidenced here is bigger than just the political debate. It goes to the heart of the failing reputation of the legal profession. This one is squarely on the lawyers. It’s squarely on the law schools. And it’s going to be on the law student.


I wrote my book Fuel The Spark: 5 Guiding Values for Success in Law School and Beyond as a tool and a catalyst to start making this change. I’m not the only one that wants to EARN the respect of the general public again. We do that one lawyer or law professor or law student at a time.


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