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How can we help?

Posted on | November 12, 2008 | No Comments

How many people do you know that are not having any fun in their jobs? How many people have no passion in their life? How many people do you know who are chronically depressed, passing their days in a state of quiet desperation? We all know people who are affluent, but not happy. Racing around all day chasing one’s job is not fulfilling. People want a way to live while they’re alive, yet many feel trapped. They don’t know how to create the happiness they believe they deserve. What a waste. What a shame. What a tragedy.

We can’t let this continue. We have such potential. YOU have huge potential. Are you reaching it? Why are we here in this lifetime except to reach our full potential? Yet we know so many people how haven’t engaged in their lives yet. There is no way they can reach their potential if they can’t even recognize that they HAVE potential. It’s painful. But how can we help?

How can we help?

There is one POWEFUL way to help, and that is through helping people recognize and fueling the spark of divinity within each of us. We fuel that spark, build that passion, in one way, through creativity. Creativity is the process of making the world a better place because we were here. Small improvements count. Creativity at any level, making the world just a little better is still a divine act. And, huge success comes from helping a lot of people be a little bit happier.

Creativity is the most powerful force on earth. If you believe Dan Pink’s hypothesis in the best-selling A Whole New Mind, then you subscribe to the theory that creative, intuitive, right brain thinking will be the primary competitive advantage for American business in the coming decades. I believe that reality is already upon us.

I’m blessed to be a counselor and attorney to creative people. My clients include among others a woman who channels an archangel, fine artists, musicians, advertising agencies, internet gurus, authors, publishers, design studios, architects, consulting groups, apparel companies, software companies, and biotechnology companies. The common thread through all these clients–the filter through which they have to pass before we match up as attorney and client is one thing: creativity. My clients know they are creating something good. They’re bringing something valuable into this world and they are graciously asking my help with the business and intellectual property aspects of their projects. The fact that I earned a fine art undergraduate degree in graphic design and spent over a dozen years working in and with branding campaigns attending law school adds to my credibility and approachability in the eyes of my clients.

I tell each of them that my purpose and commitment is to help as many people as I can to recognize the spark of divinity within them, which is ONLY fueled by creating something good and positive. People interested more in profit than in progress need not apply, and people who say they are trying to do good, but in the end are really only in it for the money usually select out of my client pool.

When we embrace the creative spark within each of us, we embrace our purpose in life and figure out why we’re alive and on this planet. I’m compelled to write these posts to help the people with great ideas understand the business and intellectual property aspects of making a living by fueling that divine creative spark. I’m compelled to write these posts to help people who are in danger of having that spark suffocated by their cubicles break out of the dead spot and fuel their spark by bringing more creativity to their current work, or empowering them to embrace their creativity and bring it to the world in some other manner.

I hope people who these posts will find hope that they can escape the feeling of being trapped. I hope they will find the tools to escape, the knowledge to engage, and the confidence to take action.

This series of posts combines my background as a spiritual seeker and teacher, artist, designer, marketing executive, entrepreneur, and yes – lawyer. It has elements of entrepreneurial business, spiritual inspiration, motivation, and self-help. Please feel free to engage in dialog about these posts by posting comments.


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