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WordPress Workshop at Executive Center.

Posted on | November 6, 2008 | 1 Comment

From Viveka @ The Executive Center in Old Town:

Kevin Houchin teaches TEC friends and members how to utilize WordPress.

You gotta love Synchronicity!!!

So I was emailing my LinkedIn buddy, uberpreneur Braun Minchner, and we were both talking about how we like these blogsites that look and act like websites.  And as incredibly talented and adept as we both are, neither of us really knows how to create them.

Later that day I hooked up, via twitter, with the Facebook Doyen, Mari Smith –  who has a fantabulous blogsite (  And I once again got blogsite envy.

And then I found an email in my spam filter from another uberpreneur, Kevin Houchin (Esq.)  Just so happens he is a WordPress expert.  What is WordPress you might ask?  (Well, I did)  It’s a blogging application that allows you to create – you guessed it – website like blogsites.

Ah, but it doesn’t end there.  Several hours later I receive an email from another friend asking me if I knew about this new trend, and more importantly, did I think I could create a site for her.

It usually only takes three messages from the universe to spur me into action – with four – it’s a MUST DO!



Kevin Houchin

Kevin E. Houchin is an attorney, artist, teacher, author, and principal of Houchin & Associates, P.C. , a copyright, trademark, arts & entertainment, business development, and branding firm located in Fort Collins, Colorado

WordPress Workshop

The Executive Center

DATE: Wed. Nov. 19th

TIME: 12:00 – 2:00

LOCATION: The Executive Center

MORE: 123 N. College ave, Suite 200

(Located in the Historic Opera Galleria)

COST:  $50

RSVP:  Call me at (970) 212-4701 or email me here(Space is limited to 10 and we already have 3 signed up before this even went out!!!!!)


Bring your laptop if you have one.  This will be a hands-on adventure!

Have a WordPress account ready by the time you get here.  (Go to and sign up.  It’s free! )

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most-used blog tool in its category. Originally, a traditional blogging application, WordPress wanted to experience to a larger audience. So they created, a hosted version of the open source package where you can start a blog in seconds without any technical knowledge.  The cool thing about WordPress – customizable templates!!!!


Almost everything on is free, and things that are currently free will remain free in the future, but they do offer paid a la carte upgrades for things like CSS editing and custom domains. 

Go to today and open your account – then let the games begin!

Hope to see you there!  If not, we will also be having a class on December 4th and possible the 18th too!



The Executive Center

123 North College Ave

Fort Collins, Colorado 80524



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