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Posted on | June 4, 2008 | No Comments

I’ve not posted for a while. Sorry about that.

I’ve been keeping very busy lately working on the book, giving presentations, and serving clients.  There has been a flurry of corporate formation work coming through the office, most of which also includes trademark work and a bunch of contract development. I’ve been asked to start writing a regular (at least quarterly) column on business legal issues for the Northern Colorado Business Report. My first column is scheduled for the first issue in July.

I was pleased to present a session on my Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values content at the annual conference of the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers last month at a retreat center outside of Detroit.  This is a group of lawyers dedicated to using the law for peace and healing rather than escalating conflict – not a bad goal, and a great group of people.

I’ll spend the summer trying to finish the book manuscript. The topic is spiritual creativity. I’m also planning to start doing some keynotes on this topic starting in 2009. Hopefully the keynotes will help promote the book, and the book will help promote the keynote bookings

That’s it for today.  Back to work.


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