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Kevin Houchin, Esq.
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Brad Shannon
Shannon Marketing Communications

Houchin & Associates Offers
Unique Synthesis of Legal and Marketing Services

One-stop shop gets new businesses and products off the ground,
and guides them through continued, long-term success

Fort Collins, CO-Most people don’t think attorneys have creative aspirations. But Kevin Houchin is set to change the stereotype and breathe new life into the stodgy legal world, with Houchin & Associates, PLLC ­ a new firm providing comprehensive legal and marketing services.

According to Houchin, the synthesis of the legal and creative worlds makes sense for people with great ideas, true passion for their work and an entrepreneurial spirit. Houchin & Associates can provide these clients with everything they need to start their businesses or launch a new product or service, including forming the business entity, obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights, developing business plans, plus creating the brand identity for supporting print- and online-marketing materials.

The establishment of Houchin & Associates follows a trend in both the marketing and legal industries toward providing added-value services and breaking the barriers of these respective industries.

However, Houchin & Associates is the first in northern Colorado to directly combine law and marketing into, in Houchin’s words, “a one-stop partner in business innovation. This is where creative people can come for everything needed to start a business or launch a new product, and guide it through what we call the Sustainable Value Chain ­ which is, essentially, ongoing success and growth.” This unique business model allows for complete integration of the client’s idea with the promotional and legal requirements that help ensure this success. “This is a truly comprehensive approach to business,” Houchin noted.

Houchin first thought of the idea while building a 12-year career in marketing, during which time he worked as a designer, creative director, marketing executive and branding consultant. He served clients in numerous industries, ranging from healthcare and finance, to software development and sporting goods, to telecommunications and higher education. “I thought I could really help bridge the gap between creativity and business if I went to law school and focused on intellectual property and business development,” Houchin said.

Having received his Iowa attorney license in April 2004, Houchin then moved to Colorado a few months later, and obtained his Colorado license in October of the same year. “I immediately hung my shingle and started my solo practice,” he said.
Meanwhile, he has continued consulting with law schools on their branding and recruiting campaigns. Most recently, Houchin was commissioned to conduct a feasibility study for creating a new law school at a university in the northeastern United States.

Now his greatest aspirations are coming to fruition. “The success and rapid growth of the law practice required the expansion and renaming to Houchin & Associates. We now have people in place to assist withpatent law and other product development issues,” Houchin said, adding, “I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to combine brand development with intellectual property law and business development law for a long time, and this is finally that chance.”

Houchin has assembled a team not only of experienced legal minds, but also marketing experts with backgrounds in public relations, copywriting, and print and interactive design and production. All are set to serve Houchin & Associates’ clients with the same enthusiasm that the clients themselves have for their own work. Together, the team ensures that every detail of setting up a new business or launching a new product is attended to, and that all aspects of the business are working efficiently as a whole, for long-term success.

“At a fundamental level, I believe there is a spark of divinity in each human being,” Houchin said. “That spark becomes a flame when we are being creative, building, and growing. By combining branding and legal services, I believe the unique team we’ve put together here can help a lot of people and businesses fuel that spark.”

About Houchin & Associates
Houchin & Associates is a unique organization of professionals including sales and marketing mavens, expert print and interactive designers, and thoughtful attorneys with positive and enthusiastic attitudes. The team is designed to be fast and flexible and maximize the use of time and technology on their clients’ behalf. The company bases its work on the process it calls the Sustainable Value Chain™ to produce ongoing success for clients. Houchin & Associates is the only organization of its kind, and its people are prepared to guide others through evolving legal and market forces influencing their businesses. The company is located at 425 West Mulberry, Suite 105, in Fort Collins, Colorado. For more information, call (970) 493-1070, email or visit


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