www.changethis.com SUCCESS!

I just found out that my manifesto proposal for No Lame Names has been accepted by www.changethis.com!

Thanks to everyone that voted for it.

Now I just have to adapt my ebook of the same title for publication. It’ll take me a little time, and take them a couple months, but sometime soon that information about the interplay between branding and trademark law will be in a far more visible place than just my Web sites.

Since the email to friends and family worked so well for the No Lame Names proposal, I’m now asking you to do it again. I’ve submitted a proposal for Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values.

Please do me another HUGE favor and click this link and vote for Strange Fire too!


(yes, I see the “artists” typo in my bio on the page, but I can’t get back in to correct that… Oh well.)

Thanks everyone.

I’d love to see Strange Fire get some wider circulation. It’s already available for free at www.guidingvalue.com, but there are a lot more people that visit www.changethis.com. Here’s to a great start in 2008.

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