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My family is incredibly important to me. After all, what’s the point of working if you can’t enjoy the benefits and love of your family? Why have kids if you never get to spend any time with them? My wife and I have 3 wonderful children, our son Rune (16), our daughter Tobin (14) and our son Merrick (12).

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  1. Cathi Cook says:

    Dear Mr. Hutchinson,

    I found your copyright advice on the “Art Biz Blog” to be quite encouraging. I am a sculptor and have acquired a few copyrights on some of my work, but not all, wondering if it was really worth it. I was inspired by your article, your approachability, and applaud you for taking artists and their passion seriously.
    Your guidance, as beneficial as it is, became even more effective for me since you also live here in Fort Collins, Colorado,
    providing comfort, knowing that are paths are certain to cross.
    I appreciate your time in submitting your views and suggestions to the Art Biz Blog, and am anxious now to investigate the archives that are posted on you web site.
    Respectively, Cathi Cook

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