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Yes, I’m Still Helping Creative Business Clients

It’s been a busy couple of years.  I’m still working with ACT, Inc. (You probably know ACT as the college testing company). I’m in the National Programs group and help create and manage large-scale collaborations. 

Every week I am asked if I’m still taking on legal work. Most of the time, I have to say “not that type” and refer the work out to other attorneys. But I do say “yes” to some projects.  Those projects tend to be trademark, copyright, and creative businesses that are doing something that interests me.  The trademark and copyright projects are usually handled project-by-project. But the creative business relationships (formation, consulting, contracts, etc.) are being limited to the clients who want to work on my year-long flat monthly fee basis.  

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need to see if I’m available to help.

-Kevin E. Houchin, Esq.

kevin.houchin at

Making Big Changes in 2012

2012 is off to a fantastic start with two major changes. The short version is that I’ve accepted two opportunities that will allow me to help a lot more people align who they are with what they do for a living. Fittingly, I’ll also be better aligning who I am as a person with what I do for a living.

ACT: Director, Client Outreach – Mountain Plains Region

First, I’ve joined ACT, Inc. (you recognize the name in the context of college entrance exams) as the Director of Client Outreach for the Mountain Plains Region.  I’ll be using my problem-solving skills to help educators use all of the company’s assessment solutions to improve college and career readiness throughout the K-12 experience.  I’m very excited about this because (if you’ve been paying any attention to my work over the past decade) I’m passionate about embracing what I call “whole-brain” thinking. ACT had created some programs that go well beyond the standard left-brain academic assessment model into critical “non-cognitive” assessments (learning behaviors, habits, skills, etc.) that I believe have been largely overlooked. The opportunity to be part of a forward thinking organization will allow me to focus and improve my core strengths in an area I believe vitally important  is something I am blessed to accept.


Legal Solutions Counsel: Indigo Ventures Law

Second, I’ve joined the team at Indigo Venture Law Office as Legal Solutions Counsel.  Indigo is a growing team of great business lawyers who have solo or small-firm practices and work together to offer integrated solutions without the inflated overhead of a traditional law firm. It’s a very innovative model and I was happy to be asked to work with the team. Again, being part of an innovative business model is consistent with my history.  I’ll be helping the firm build, offer, and deliver legal and business consulting solutions for information entrepreneurs and other information-centered businesses such as small- and mid-sized book and periodical publishers and other startup and growth companies who want to take advantage of developing communication technologies.

These two changes, in addition to being a husband and father of 3 kids 10 & under, will keep me very busy and challenged.  Obviously, this means my work though Houchin & Associates and The Space Between Center will be limited to a very, very, select group of legal and Authentic Expert coaching clients. If you need help starting or developing your business, or if you want individualized coaching to help you align who you are with what you do professionally, drop me an email and I’ll either help you myself if it’s a fit, or be happy to hook you up with the right person or team.

Here’s to a great 2012 for all of us.


Space Between Center: Authentic Expert Program

Authentic Expert Program

More than ever, today’s business and entrepreneurial leaders must bring everything they are and nothing they are not to their businesses. By aligning who they are as a person with what they do for a living, leaders create deeply-rooted value and success. Seeing business development and personal development as inextricably linked, leaders become “Authentic Experts.”

The Space Between Center’s Authentic Expert program is a one-to-one customized coaching & consulting engagement with leaders who are committed to authenticity in every aspect of their lives.


The program starts with a process of authentication. This authentication process uncovers one’s true self, the spark of divinity given to each of us to recognize, fuel, and share with the rest of the world. The process allows each participant to create a flexible mental model of their authentic niche. Who are you best able to serve with joy, passion, and expertise? What kind of business models can you use or create to share your flame with the rest of the world authentically, sustainably, profitably? How do you create an adaptable mental model for your business that will not shatter as you learn more about yourself, and grow in personal maturity and understanding as you business grows in scope and profitability?


The program flexes with you moving easily between the spiritual, mental, and practical business leadership challenges you face in the process of sharing your authentic self in the material world. What form of business fits your need? What intellectual property will you develop, share, protect? How will you engage with clients or customers? How will you market your expertise to the people who can benefit from what you offer?

Not Just Another Coaching Program

The Authentic Expert program is not a curriculum designed to force your unique personality into someone else’s process or business model. It’s a program of guiding you to uncover your true self, your authentic purpose, and then help you share what you discover inside with the rest of the world.

All participants will work individually with Kevin Houchin as the facilitator in the process. Kevin is the Founder of The Space Between Center for Creative Spirit in Business, and is himself an Authentic Expert in helping people align who they are with what they do. He is a creative entrepreneur, spiritual & personal development guide, practicing business & intellectual property attorney, mediator, artist, and friend.

Each Authentic Expert client engagement is completely customized individually to fit your specific needs.

See if the Authentic Expert program is right process to uncover your authenticity and align who YOU are inside with what you contribute to the world.

Email now to schedule a free, no-strings attached, 20-minute “Ask-Anything” consultation.






Lawyers & Hypnotists…

Last year I was invited to give a couple of presentations at The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Conference.  You might wonder why an attorney would be presenting to hypnotists, but it’s really very simple—hypnotists are one more service profession trying to escape the bondage of the billable hour.

Like almost everyone who is tired of trading moments of their life for other people’s money, these professionals are creating products that can help people 24/7. In the hypnotherapy industry, this shows up as self-hypnosis audio, video, and written content. Hypnotists become specialists in a niche – “Experts” who are positioned as THE go-to person in their chosen area of passion.

Maybe you’re just like that.  Maybe YOU are trying to figure out how to align your passion—who you are as a person—with what you do to make a living.

Last year I presented on the topic of copyright to a standing-room-only audience at the conference. I also presented a talk on The Power of Acceptance in the context of discovering one’s authentic niche.  Both presentations received outstanding reviews, so the organizers asked me back this year for expanded offerings.  I’m happy to be attending again.

This conference is different.

This conference is dedicated to helping people get the full use of everyone’s primary asset – our mind.

This conference is full of fascinating programming.  There are usually 7 or 8 concurrent sessions happening for 3 days.  The program has something for everyone, so even if you’re not a hypnotist, you might strongly consider attending anyway.  Relative to most 3-day conferences, the registration is VERY inexpensive, only $395.00 for the full three days.  You can take a look at the program here. It’s EXTENSIVE.

This year I’ll be giving a 1-hour version of my No Lame Names: Trademark & Branding presentation on Friday, August 12th and a 2-hour version of my Alchemy of Creative Business: Copyright/Copywrong presentation on Saturday, August 13th.

The Bigger Opportunity

The bigger opportunity this year is a 2-day Workshop on August 15th & 16th tilted “How to Create a Highly Profitable Practice in Your Authentic Niche: Identifying & Creating Information Products and Services that Sell Themselves.”

Download the Session Flyer

This workshop is for ANYONE who wants to align who they are with what they do. The tuition is only $375 for the workshop ($50 less if you’re a full conference attendee).  During the two days I’ll be leading people through the processes of identifying one’s “Authentic Niche” and then outlining the process and developing a strategy for sharing one’s passion through business in order to become what I call an “Authentic Expert.”  We’ll be discussing business formation, business relationships, intellectual property (copyright & trademark), marketing, social media, branding, blogging, public relations, and speaking.

If you want to understand more about this workshop and get a few hints that you can implement right away, listen to this teleconference recording.

Download Free Teleconference Recording

I hope to see you at the conference.  Tell your friends. This workshop is open to anyone.

Click Here to register for the 2-Day Authentic Niche Workshop on August 15th & 16th.  It’ll be well worth the investment.

Finally, don’t worry – nobody will make you cluck like a chicken (unless you volunteer of course…).