Speaking Testimonial – Creative Business Expo – Denver

From: Brand, Kathleen W. – Department of Law
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 10:02 AM
To: White, Ginger – DOCA
Subject: Expo feedback

Hi, Ginger,

This is the first year I attended the expo.  I think the idea is wonderful.  I hope it is a yearly event.

I was present for 3 workshops, 2 for which I registered, and 2 for which I was the person staffing the room.  I have comments about all of these that I hope you find helpful.

The workshop on Copyrights was fabulous.  Teaching and communication are arts in and of themselves, and this session had it all.  What I loved most was that he taught from the ground up, not just providing a set of rules.  He [Kevin Houchin] taught from the heart and spirit of the law, and then made it interesting and fun.  Absolutely great.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Kathleen Brand
Legal Secretary
Denver City Attorney’s Office

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