Something New Every Day…

Yesterday I posted the quote from Lance Secretan’s book Inspire! This morning I received a thank you note from him for placing the quote.

I was amazed both by his willingness to spend a couple moments to send the thank you (he must get quoted quite a bit, so sending the email shows some true consistency with the values he presents in his books – adding credibility to this reader’s thoughts of him…) – but also because he KNEW about the published quote at all.  I don’t flatter myself enough to think well-known authors and leadership experts spend a lot of time hitting my little blog, so there had to be something else going on… So, I asked him how he knew.

“Google Alerts”

So I “googled” “google alerts” and guess what – the top listing is Goggle’s FREE alert service.  You just type in the search string you want them to watch for you, and you’ll get an email when something gets a hit (I think it’s in digest form once a day).  I signed up.  This is like having the biggest clipping service on the planet working for you for free and providing daily reports.

If you do any PR or blogging at all, I’d sign up for this.


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