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Troubling Tweets

I just got another call about a potentially “troubling tweet.”  A Troubling Tweet is a potentially damaging post using Twitter ( that could get the person posting the “Tweet” in legal trouble. Most of the time, these things happen relative to damaging personal or business reputation, trademark issues, contract issues, and some other causes of […]

Personal purpose statement:

“My purpose is to help as many people as I can reach as much of THEIR potential as THEY can.”

Northern Colorado Business Report – Column 2

NCBR ARTICLE When it’s time to turn the car around By Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. September 26, 2008 — Imagine this. You’re two years into owning part of a startup. You’ve invested dozens of hours with your co-founders planning. You’ve invested dozens of nights and weekends away from your family fueling growth. Now things are […]

Advent and Christmas – Re-Post

It’s that time of year…  So, I thought I’d re-post this essay from back in December of 2005: “On Advent and Christmas” from my SPIRITCURVE.COM blog. Obviously, it’s not a business or legal subject, but it’ll get you thinking and maybe make the season a little more meaningful. Comments are welcome.  🙂 — December, 2005: […]

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