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Sue those Jerks! – latest NCBR Column

Is it really worth it to sue those jerks? By Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. Northern Colorado Business Report October 9, 2009 — Let’s sue those jerks! How many times have you thought that? How many times have you actually followed though on your plan? Probably never. Litigation just costs too much. According to a recent […]

January 5 NCBR Column

Here’s the link to my most recent column in the Northern Colorado Business Report. This one is on the topic of employers cutting employee benefits. Click Here.

Troubling Tweets

I just got another call about a potentially “troubling tweet.”  A Troubling Tweet is a potentially damaging post using Twitter ( that could get the person posting the “Tweet” in legal trouble. Most of the time, these things happen relative to damaging personal or business reputation, trademark issues, contract issues, and some other causes of […]

Northern Colorado Business Report Column #1

NCBR ARTICLE Anatomy of a tech-transfer startup By Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. July 4, 2008 — You can’t live and work in a college town without hearing the term “tech transfer” quite a bit. Yes, we understand it has something to do with making money from the technology that comes out of the labs of […]

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