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Vision Mapping Process

I finished reading Steven Scott’s book The Richest Man Who Ever Lived.  The biggest benefit I received from the book was knowledge of his “Vision Mapping Journal” available via his Web site at for just under $50.  I purchased a copy and was pleased that if is 5.5×8.5 size.  I was able to punch […]

Effective Partnering

Granted, this post is a bit self-serving, but I’m as guilty as the next person for not asking for help and advice as often or as soon as I should. I picked up a book yesterday at B&N. I’m always on the watch for books that I can pick up when I’m feeling lazy or […]

New Release Breckenridge Culture Indicator ™

Mark as been very busy over at the Breckenridge Institute. The Institute has just released an updated version of the Breckenridge Culture Indicator ™ – the leading organizational culture assessment tool available. Here’s some more information: Download the Brochure (pdf)

One Down

Last Friday we sent the C&D letter on one of the Google AdWords trademark infringement cases I have open right now. It was delivered this morning. By the end of the day the ad was down and the President of the recipient company called my client to say he had not previously been aware of […]

Google AdWords

I have 3 cases, all coming in within the last three weeks, dealing with the issue of possible trademark infringement when one company purchases the brand name (trademark) of a competing company. Because I’m involved in specific client-related representation on this, I don’t feel comfortable publishing my analysis of these issues to the blog (at […]

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