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fun day

It was a fun day to be a lawyer today.  I’m working on a trademark opposition – trying to stop a competitor of my client from registering a mark that is really pretty generic and shouldn’t be allowed to be used exclusively by anyone. I also put together a deal to help another client buy […]

More New Clients

It’s been another great month of working with creative people and businesses.  Several of the new clients this month are start-up companies that I’m helping with business formations (ranging from another new record label all the way to a company that plans to build and manage ethanol plants and work in other areas of alternative […]

Scene Magazine – October 2006

Here’s my October Scene Magazine column.  Yes, you’ve seen the title before if you’ve visited this site, and yes, the content is much the same, although I included a bit more about submittion of groups of works under a single registration and single registration fee. If you’re concerned that you can’t afford the $45 per […]

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