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Comments coming back

YEA! My web hosting service installed some software that protects my site from spam blog comments.  So, I’ll start allowing comments on my posts again.  I was receiving over 200 bogus spam comment posts each day, which was why I had to stop allowing comments in the first place… Now I just have to post […]

2007 National Prospective Law Student Study

2007 National Prospective Law Student Study Once again I’ll be conducting a national market research survey of prospective law students. This will be the third such study I’ve conducted, the first was in 2004, the second was in 2005. Results from both studies are available for download at The study is free for all […]

What’s going on…

I’ve been just slammed with work and proposals lately and haven’t been writing much. I’ve got a bunch of topics I’ll be writing about in the very near future. So, hang with me and be patient. Thanks.


Today’s my birthday.  At the first of the month, I decided to try and keep the day pretty light and clear on the work front – maybe take a little time to just sit and be. Well, evidently the way to make sure you’re busy all day is to try and keep the calendar clear.  […]

International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers

I just joined this organization… IAHL Mission Statement: The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers’ mission is to transform the practice of law, through education and support of holistic practice. Our Vision: The IAHL envisions a world where lawyers are valued as healers, helpers, counselors, problem-solvers, and peacemakers. Conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth. Lawyers […]

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