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TM & Copyright for Creative People – Free Webinar

I’ve been asked a few times over the last few days to repost the links to the copyright and trademark webinars I did for Morgan James Publishing back in January.  These programs are tailored to the needs of authors, but the concpets and laws are the same for anyone in creative business. Here are the […]

Trademarks on Facebook

If you own some trademarks, be sure to fill out this form on Facebook to make sure nobody else registers your mark as their Facebook Username (Vanity URL). Thanks to Mari Smith for including this link in this post.

Protecting your IP in Joel Comm’s TopOne Report

I’m happy to be a guest author in Joel Comm’s TopOne Report on the topic of Innovation this month.  Here’s a copy of my article (PDF) – it’s a very brief primer on intellectual property for your innovative ventures.  You can also click through to Joel’s site and sign up for a free month of […]

Slides from yesterday’s Webinar

The slides and audio from yesterday’s webinar are posted at the same location online that was used yesterday for the webinar. Check yesterday’s post and click the link to the webinar to get the files or listen to the audio.

TM Tips

Welcome new members – here’s another key date to look up or think about. Trademark rights vest when you use the mark in commerce. So, when was the first date you used your brand? Look up the month and date. If you’re getting ready to launch a new brand, you have the option of filing […]

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