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Appreciation and Sharing

Last Saturday I was at a birthday for a very cool little 3-year-old boy, the son of some of our closest friends. One of the other fathers there asked me how business was going. I looked at him with a sincere smile and said “business is Rockin!” He looked stunned and said to me “you’re […]


Layers and other professionals have been discussing the difference between “Practice” and “Business” for a long time. What I’ve figured out through hard lessons is this: PRACTICE = worrying about how to pay the BILLS next MONTH. BUSINESS = planning how to invest the PROFITS next YEAR. We’ll be discussing how to make that transition […]

Introducing The Space Between Center for Creative Spirit in Business

Last week I announced that I had resigned my working relationship with Alexis Martin Neely and the Creative Business Lawyer (CBL) program. Immediately, business attorneys from all over the country asked me if I was going to start my own program, because if I did, they wanted to know about it. I was very proud […]

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