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Target Rich Environment

My friend Joel Rothman posted the following discussion relating to the FTC’s attitude toward the new rules regarding deceptive advertising in the context of endorsements and testimonials.  This is seriously important stuff for everyone that uses testimonials in their marketing – which is everyone.  So, PAY Attention! … Then Vladeck (speaking of David Vladeck, Director […]

TM & Copyright for Creative People – Free Webinar

I’ve been asked a few times over the last few days to repost the links to the copyright and trademark webinars I did for Morgan James Publishing back in January.  These programs are tailored to the needs of authors, but the concpets and laws are the same for anyone in creative business. Here are the […]

Play Nice: Legal Issues & Social Media

You already know, or are learning, that social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are wonderful ways to keep in touch with your friends and business associates. However, unthinking posts in such forums could land you on the wrong side of a lawsuit. My goal here is plant a few seeds in the back […]

Why Creative Business?

I just got back from a short hike with Tobin and Merrick (5 and 3).  I took along Deepak Chopra’s little book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (you can find that in my Amazon widget at the right) and within a few minutes was inspired to write a few lines… I’m calling this a […]

Inspiration v. Copying

My friend Alyson Stanfield (the best business coach for artists), is having a great discussion on her blog about using other people’s photos as inspiration/reference for their artwork. If you’re an artist, you should definitely know about Alyson and buy her book.

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