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Moving past limitations

Posted on | August 15, 2010 | No Comments

I’m writing this post from my iPhone as I wait for my flight home from Boston after two weeks of heavy travel and mind-expanding change. It’s become apparent that my marketing & social media skills are at least as valuable as my legal skills and that my ability to help people tap into their inner core of creativity is more powerful than the legal & marketing combined.

So, while I’ll still serve my legal clients, I’m going to stop limiting myself to that and now allow the right marketing and coaching opportunities into my world. What will that look like?

I don’t know for sure yet. I’m just now opening up to that question. I’m happy to hear your suggestions.

The only constant is change, and I’m finally ready to allow some major changes to happen-both internally and in this reality we all need to work with.

How does it get better?


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