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10 Basics of Services Marketing

Posted on | May 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

I just met with a smart young attorney who is fresh out of law school and hanging his shingle. Like any service-based business, he was very concerned about how he’s going to attract the clients with whom he would love to work. Like I said, he’s smart.

Attracting clients is not just an issue for lawyers, it’s an issue for everyone – especially if you’re a service provider.

He’s doing his homework and asked me to share some ideas about how he should approach his target niche.

While this type of information is at the heart of the discussions we’re having as part of The Space Between Center lawyer mastermind groups (business law, estate planning, & collaborative/family law programs), I thought I’d share what I told this young man over coffee this morning.

Here’s what I suggested:

1.  Consolidate his knowledge of the target niche area of law into a short (say 20 pages) ebook that outlines the core issues his target clients should be thinking about.

2. Distill that ebook into a PPT presentation.

3.  Offer to give that presentation to as many groups in his target market as possible.  Free.  In person and via Webinar when he can.

4.  Constantly blog with short value-providing articles for his potential clients and use social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube) to build friendships and increase the number of people he’s helping with his blog.

5.  Break out sections of the ebook into blog posts and submit those post to other blogs/sites read by potential clients.

6.  Offer the full ebook as a free gift in exchange for people getting on his mailing list.

7.  Use the ebook and blog to qualify potential clients.

8.  Build a flat-fee engagement model to build relationships.

9.  Have a merchant accounts to take credit card payments.

10.  Tell clients that your initial consultation fee is rolled into the engagement if the potential client wants to engage, otherwise, it’s a fee of $XXX due at the end of the meeting.  He can always waive that if he wants, but it sets the expectation of value in the initial meeting and lets the tire-kickers move on to someone else for free advice.

These 10 elements work in every services business, not just for lawyers.

For the lawyers reading this:

If you’d like to learn more about how to attract more perfect clients to your practice using these approaches, you owe it to yourself, your clients, and your family to be on our informational call next Wednesday, May 19th at 2pm Eastern.  You can sign up for that call here. We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks and also giving you the details about how you can be part of The Space Between Center lawyer mastermind group.


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  1. Josh Dart
    June 2nd, 2010 @ 11:41 am

    Thanks again Kevin!

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