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A Laugh is Worth a Buck.

Posted on | July 22, 2009 | No Comments

As most of you know, my client InfoMedia created the most talked-about iPhone App ever – iFart. Earlier this year my client received a letter demanding $50,000 or they would sue InfoMedia over InfoMedia using the common phrase “Pull My Finger” in some of the marketing and public relations materials InfoMedia used to promote iFart. We decided that instead of paying the $50K for the bogus demand, we would file an action in Federal Court here in Colorado and ask a judge to rule that InfoMedia’s use was NOT a trademark infringement as suggested by the Pull My Finger folks. It caused a _ _ _ _ storm of public relations activity including mentions on NPR, CNN, and many other major media outlets.

Last night it was featured on The Daily Show.

What does all this prove? It proves that a laugh is worth at least a buck. iFart Mobile sells for $0.99 on the App Store. I don’t know the exact sales numbers, but I’m betting over 500,000 people have purchased the app by now.


It also shows that when you become wildly successful with a creative endeavor, there is going to be something that comes along to complicate the success. In this case it was a competitor. It seems like there is always some price for success.

Here’s the segment: (evidently I’m not a “Real” lawyer… )  🙂

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