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Why Creative Business?

Posted on | November 10, 2008 | No Comments

I just got back from a short hike with Tobin and Merrick (5 and 3).  I took along Deepak Chopra’s little book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (you can find that in my Amazon widget at the right) and within a few minutes was inspired to write a few lines…

I’m calling this a “Creative Manifesto”

1. The purpose of life is to create – or at least co-create with God and our fellow humans.

2. In order to fulfill this purpose we need:

  • Some freedom from worry about the hand-to-mouth burdons of living – some material weath. We can’t be expected to be creative and fulfill our full potential when we’re starving or homeless.
  • Time to be creative (which is maybe part of the above discussion).
  • Confidence and the Self-esteem/image to share our creations in the face of potential criticism.
  • Knowledge (personal or through a team) to enable us to have the freedom and prosperity that provides that time and confidence to create and share our creations.

This is what many lawyers do – provide the space, time, and confidence for people to find and fulfill their creative potential.


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